My father,my role model : A poem about father

This poem is dedicated to my father and to all the great fathers like him who are role models for their children. Fathers often don’t get the credit or affection they deserve as they always act tough for the betterment of their family. The father-son relationship is one of the most complex relationship. Father expects his son to be tough hence a son can never show his emotional side to his father. At the same time the son looks up to his father for inspiration so the father has to be strong in all the situations. It creates a dilemma where both father and son care for each other but still can’t share their true feelings with each other.


Father teaches you to walk

Father teaches you to talk

Father is the first firm hand you hold

Father is the first firm slap you get


Father is the fear of doing something wrong

Father is the assurance that makes you feel strong

Father is the worst critic you have ever seen

Father is the biggest fan who ever lived


Father is the past you never had

Father is the free experience you always got

Father is the role model you always trust

But father will always be your best friend first


By Gaurab Mukherjee

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