Moving on to the next level

When I started my blogging journey I never expected it to become such an integral part of my life. This was the first time I actually invested a lot of time and effort into blogging before this it was just a casual affair. I blogged about gadgets, technology and even internet which were actually more related to the subjects which I studied in my college but those blogs never gave me a feeling of attachment.

With this blog when I actually started pouring down my heart and thoughts suddenly I felt a connect which I never felt before. Surprisingly, it was just not the blog which I felt connected to but also the fellow bloggers who kept me motivated with their wonderful feedback. I felt I belong this community and slowly I have seen myself grow as a person through this blog.

I have become more open to other ideas and feel that I’m more receptive to other views. I have also seen an amazing change in my acceptance of my own feelings which earlier I used to ignore but most importantly my power to express myself has improved many folds which has played a pivotal role in improving my own life.

Now, I can actually observe that the whole “processing the life” initiative is actually working for me and paying me more dividends. Please do share how you experience of blogging has been and has it changed something in you ? If you want you can also share your feelings about my blog.

In last two months my frequency of posts has decreased that is because of my “thesis” which occupied most of my free time. Further my work didn’t allow me take a single minute off. I would thank all of you for your support.


Yes, I have decided to move my blog from to a self hosted site and Β most probably I would be keeping the design and look almost same. This will allow me more flexibility and power in the design part. The shift will also allow me to bring some changes to my blog which I wanted for hosting my “Happy Post Challenge”. I will be coming back with that challenge and in next few days I will be giving you the next update on the challenge.


I would request you to join me in the social networks so that even with all change we could stay connected. Don’t worry I follow back πŸ˜‰ :) Keep blogging.


Love to hear from you