Diary vs Blog

If you are a passionate writer at some point of time you must have maintained a diary. I think it all starts from writing our own experiences and then moves to different dimensions.

my dear diary

my dear diary

I moved from writing my personal experiences to expressing and relating those experiences with other people and world in general. Some people like writing their emotions and how they felt during certain moment and how a life event impacted them. People write about their feeling about experiences, things, place and individuals. All these things are great while you are writing your diary but the dynamics change when you write your blog.

Personal to Public – This is first transition that a person has to go through when they shift from their beloved diary to their blog. Diary is very personal and in most cases you are the only person who reads it. When you shift to blog then what you write is no more personal and so be ready to be criticized or loved for the thoughts and feelings you share. The thing is you want others opinion and that is the reason you have shifted to a blog or you would have confined you writings to yourself only. So, when you are making your writings public then also be prepared for people opinion.

Audience – I mentioned in the above point that people may criticize or love your work but there is another option of ignore and there is nothing worse than this. You write a blog so that you receive feedback and if people end up ignoring your blog and don’t feel worth while to read your posts then the whole purpose of writing the posts are gone. Most of the new bloggers leave blogging because of this and without even introspecting their own drawbacks.

One should pay attention to their audience. If someone has read and commented on your blog then its on you to connect with them. If you can’t take their contradicting opinion then they would hardly read your work. It is you who want the feedback so you have to be open to that as well. Further making connections are important, you need to connect with them through social networks and try to put forward your points in their blogs as well.

Privacy – You may wonder that everything in your blog is in public domain or where does privacy come from ? Since everything you write is in public domain hence it is more important for you take care of what you post.

a.) You may have decided to post everything about you in public domain but you forget it is your choice not your friends and neither your family’s. So, when you post about them try to keep abstract name so that their privacy is not hurt. Some writers whom I follow use Mr.lovely (casuallyfabulus.wordpress.com) and Mr.Swiss (angloswiss-cronicles.com) to refer to their husbands.

b.) When you are posting pictures of your friends on your blog and writing about certain personal event then you should keep in mind that he or she may not like it to be public so you should hide their faces in the pictures and write fake names or just ask for their permission before posting.

c.) Don’t ever, ever write demeaning and hurtful things about a person in anger. So, should refrain from personal attacks and restrain yourself from writing when you are not in right mood. You may write something in the spur of the moment but you may end up regretting it later.

Expressions – I feel I have become more expressive and understanding from the time I have started writing my blog. Diary was a personal thing but it made me keep a lot of things within me which was not at all a good thing. I never liked the feeling of suppressing my emotions. Writing in my blog gives me the freedom to express. The feedback also plays a great role with every positive or negative feedback you come to know that where you have been wrong and where you are right.

Connections – Finding great people through your blog is another advantage of writing a blog. You find like-minded people, whose wavelength matches yours and you can share things which you normally can’t with the people around you. Connecting with people who face the same problems or who think or feel like you gives you the inner strength that other people are also facing the same problems.

Though my diary developed the writer or blogger in me but with a heavy heart I would have to say my dear diary I don’t miss you any more. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


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