Blog is like a creative outlet

I had a blog from my school days. I started it just for fun, trying to write something witty and I thought it will get a lot of attention. There were hardly any visitors to my first blog. I feel it was just inquisitiveness that led me to blog for the first time. After starting the blog, I hardly used to post as there was no motivation for writing. More importantly there was nothing I wanted to share. From morning to night I was surrounded with friends and enjoyed life to the fullest.

As I entered my college, the life changed a lot. With responsibilities and activities taking most of my time. I learned a lot during that time. From being a chairperson in a national level technical fest to organizing an independent cultural fest, I learned a lot. Learning never stops, I learned a lot even from my trip to Mood indigo, IIT mumbai, with the college team and then being a part of commonwealth games impacted my life hugely.

As I was coming out of college there were so many things I wanted to tell but the outlet was missing. People tend to create an image of you when you are in college and I didn’t wanted to live in that persona which others created. I wanted to write things which I wanted  to write. I don’t want to be limited. Yes, I’m good at something and it is nice that people praise me for those things but there are other things in my personality as well. There are different parts of our personality and my professional life is a part of me and so is my other works and my passions.

The triggering point for starting “processing the life” was when the hard disk of my laptop crashed and for few days when I was without my old laptop I wondered what will happen if all the memories I store get lost ? It is not humanly possible to remember every instance of your life even after 10 or 20 years. So, processing the life will be there for me when after 10 or 20 years I would like to look back into my life and understand my thought process and my progress while I was growing up.

This blog gave me the chance to express myself. I could write about my likes and my hobbies. Most importantly how I feel about things. You can be true to yourself when you are writing a blog, you are not worried about opinions. Yes, some people do write for that but this is not a paid blog and it doesn’t matter to me if you like my views or not. It is there and it is for your to judge.

If you like it then do leave a comment, if you don’t you can still leave a comment. Everyone has a write to put forward their opinion,isn’t it ?

Those who are curious about the Happy post challenge, I would like to inform you that it will back after few weeks after I make some changes to my theme to better suit the challenge.

This post is written for Indispire topic of the week by Indiblogger. Another wonderful thing is that this topic was given by me. 🙂


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