Giveaway : Win a IPHONE 5 and other prizes

It has been a great journey being part of this blogosphere and because of the love and the support of my fellow bloggers I have been able to reach new heights every month. Looking at the popularity of my blog, a leading e-commerce store has contacted me to be their blog partner.

I don’t have to do much work. I just have to write the review and take feedback from your guys.

So, please leave your feedback on how you are feeling –



Happy Fool’s Day :) πŸ˜€

I hope I have been able to bring a smile to your face. :)


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19 Responses

  1. hahaha that was a nice one gaurav πŸ˜‰

  2. Lolz, that was a nice prank

  3. Iksa says:

    Ha ha …. Smiled already from the beginning

  4. My dear I am a full time fool so whether it is April or May does not matter, ist of every month I am fooled by the people who lure me to buy things from them as a loan and that is their credit. Anyway I was made fool by you. Be happy.

  5. Haha, Okay okay you got me, hunh ! πŸ˜€

  6. You actually had me going there…. πŸ˜†

  7. Robin says:

    I didn’t even want to win prizes; I just wanted to know how you were giving away something so pricey. Good one!

    I missed this week’s Happy Post Challenge.

    • Gaurab says:

      Thank you. :) I’m making some changes to my blog so that it will be easier to organize the challenge. I’ve stopped the challenge for one or two weeks and I will start it again after that. :) πŸ˜€

  8. indrani says:

    Okay I have been fooled. :)

  9. I was excited for you then lol

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