How to increase your blog connections and visitors ?

When you are part of the community then you don’t pay much attention to your statistics. You check your visitors but you don’t go too much deep into the your statistics. The main reason for this is that, you feel when you write a blog it automatically reaches a large audience through the reader, though it’s not true but I won’t write about this issue in this post. In this post I will talk only about the traffic sources.

I’m writing this post only for users who either use site or site which is hosted in (Bloggers who use platform and have installed Jetpack will also find this information useful)

You are familiar with the “My Stats” page in, in that page you will find a section “referrers“. This is the most important section in your statistics page.

Here you will find the places which has referred people to your blog. Which means people reached your blog through these web pages. The profit of blogging from the platform is that many people reach your blog from the community itself. The three main referring pages/points and what they signify are explained below –

1.Wordpress Reader – This shows the number of people who actually read their post on your reader. If this is high then it shows that your followers are engaged with your blog and they come to your blog to read your posts. So, you should keep posting in the same frequency to have them engaged continuously.

2. WordPress Dashboard -People come from dashboard if they find your link in their dashboard. For this number to increase comment and like other blogs so that your blog link shows up in their dashboard. You can also quote some good articles and give links to their sites to attract more attention to their blogs. If you are not familiar with the merits and demerits of backlinks and pingbacks you can read about it here. -I have written a post about how to utilize/use the tags in your post, you can read it here. These tags help other people to search for different articles. For example people use travel or photography tags to usually search for other travel bloggers and photographers respectively. So, tag them with minimum 5 appropriate tags.

These are the referring sources which are present because you are a part of but you should not depend on them rather you should try to be connected with your blogger friends with as many ways as possible. Reason people actually don’t blog everyday, there is a very small number of people who will actually write a blog everyday. Most of the bloggers usually blog once or twice a week. There are also a good number of people who blog once or twice a month.

So just depending upon wordpress to bring visitors to your site will be a wrong step in your part. 

So, what can you do ?

The first thing you should do is open your eyes. Yes, when you read somebody’s post just don’t read their post but also look at their widgets in their sidebars or below their posts. Try to connect with other bloggers through social networks. It has following profits –

1. You make a better connection with other bloggers and hence they visit your blog regularly.

2. Since you are following them hence you also get to know about how frequently they post and this may work as an motivation.

3. You also get to increase your social presence which will in-turn bring more visibility to your blog.

I would say a having a twitter presence is must for a blog and in my opinion google+ works better for a blog than facebook (personal opinion).  People may have varied opinion about this but everyone who has been getting a good traffic in their will definitely suggest to have you blog connected to your social networks.

If you have accounts in the social networks then do connect with me. I would love to share your posts with my network as well.    Twitter , Google+Facebook.

I will also recommend you to use bloglovin, not just because it becomes an alternative way to follow blog but because it has a better reader than the wordpress reader. In the bloglovin reader you can arrange the blogs as you like by arranging them into categories/labels. This helps to arrange and go through the posts in a better way.

I blogged about the reader changes earlier and there were many bloggers who asked me about any alternative. I would say bloglovin is the best alternative because it doesn’t show posts in such high resolution. Since the size of the posts in the reader is not that large, you can easily navigate through many posts without wasting much time.

Another very important way of following the blogs is through the e-mails. I know most of the bloggers will say that we are following them in reader so what’s the need to follow other bloggers through mail. The main reasons are –

1. You open your mail more often than you open your blog so you will be better informed and will always be updated about their posts.

2. Mails will always be present in your account. If your liked some post, you can star mark it and keep it safe for future use.

3.If you follow some blogger with more interest than others then make that conversation as important this will make all the future mails coming from the same source important.

4. If you don’t like, you can also trash/delete those mails.

5. If you want you can also arrange them into folders to manage them in a better way.

If you use any other way then feel free to tell me more about it.I would really like to know which is your preferred way of following the blogs you like ? Are you already well-connected with other bloggers or will do it from now on ?


Love to hear from you