Happy Post Challenge : Random Photography

I’ve always been fond of photography, I click pictures whenever I get a chance. I just don’t captures the good memories or some really important events but I click everything that attracts my attention or make me excited. Sometimes I click pictures so that I remember a particular place or remember something funny happened.

I classify these pictures as Random Photography. Being a blogger I have this habit of clicking many pictures of the same thing for example if an event is going on I capture the same speaker multiple times but only one picture out of all of them is able to make my blog and becomes a star. The rest of them lives in oblivion. These random clicks are important for as well because they allowed me that space and option. Interestingly though I never publish them but they still remain saved in my folder.

This week’s Happy Post Challenge is Random Photography 🙂

For this week, publish the pictures which you took randomly or the pictures which you thought you will never publish. Bring those pictures to the limelight and I know this will definitely bring a smile to your face and will also make your readers happy. 🙂

I have already posted some of my random pictures few months back. For this week’s challenge I’m posting some of the pictures which I took yesterday while I was travelling.

Random street photography

Random street photography – Dancing On the road

The person in the above picture was multi-tasking. He was walking in the road while he was listening to music. That’s a common thing you would say and I totally agree but that’s not all, he was also dancing to the tunes while he was walking. If you think he’s doing just the three things then do look at his right hand (not that clear). He was also smoking at the same time. (It’s a different thing that it prohibited to smoke on the public places)

Random street photography - Funny couple

Random street photography – Funny couple

If that was not enough, another guy joined him. His hair style and walk seemed really funny to me and my friends and we thought these two were actually made for each other. 😛 (No offense meant)

I last picture is my favorite from yesterday. The young street vendor (who are actually really poor) is siting on the pavement but he is no mood to waste his time. This is the changing face of India. To all the photographers who take pictures of the people from the slums please also share the pictures of the hard work they do to make their living.

Random street photography  New Delhi,India

Random street photography – Emerging India

Create a new post about Random photography, share your random photographs or go and click some. You can also share the rough images you took which you never thought you will share.Be creative and interpret the challenge as you want. Spread some happiness 🙂

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Happy Post Challenge

Happy Post Challenge


1. Every week I will give a theme for the “Happy Post Challenge”. You have to create a new post related to that theme.You can post pictures, write poems, write your experiences or express yourself in whatever way you can.  You have the creative freedom to interpret and represent it in your way.

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