Go further to get closer

I feel that sometimes you have to cross that boundary which limits you to be close with someone. You have to go that extra mile, work that extra bit just to bring that smile on the face of the people whom you love. For me going further to getting closer is not just about the distance that we can travel but is more about the effort you actually put in to be close to the people you love and how much thought has gone behind that effort.

Being close is also not just about the distance but it’s more about the feelings. How you can make them feel that you are close to them and can go that extra mile to make them happy.

How does this relate to me ?

I think this relates to me in more than one way and though people may say they want to go further just in terms of the distance but I here have to go further in terms of distance as well as in my efforts and feelings.

Friends for life

Friends for life

There is a picture in my about page with another person, many people may have seen it but don’t know who he is. He’s my best friend and brother. We literally did everything together as we were growing up. The University days were fantastic where we became the heads of the society, then cultural committees and then organized many University level and national level fests as the heads of those fests.

Happy Post Challenge : Feeling Alive

Feeling Alive

We had great time together, we traveled so many places together. We required anyone else to share our feelings, our faculties said we were more like “Jai and Viru” , the legendary characters from movie “Sholay” who are still the best examples for friendship. Everyone used to say that “there would be nothing that will keep you two apart” and we always said “shubh-shubh bolo”…speak positive (or auspicious).

 Silhouette - Beach

Beach in Mumbai

As people say you can’t predict life and nobody knows what life has in store for us. After a year after we finished our degree he got a great offer from UK and I was having my prior commitments.  Life took a really unexpected turn which we never planned for. It took us by surprise but we was nothing which we could have done.

He went there and got involved in his work, I had my work here though during the starting days we use to chat (skype ) very frequently but then the work load increased for both of us, the problem looked worse because of the time difference. I think it has been more than a year and both of us are better placed at this time but I feel all these events have taken a toll on our friendship.

I feel given a chance I would definitely like to travel that far just to meet him, its not just about the distance but it’s about the feelings. It’s the commitment that and the effort to keep the friendship going. I know the world has progressed a lot and many people don’t give importance to friendship that much now a days but there are people who still value their friend more than gold. I know that if he gets a chance he would do the same for me as well.

I fell nowadays the trust in the relationships is not present  hence every relationship is losing its sheen, friendship is no exception. It’s nice that many people feel inspired by seeing our friendship.

We have taken “selfies” of two of us at many places and I think it would be great to have them in front of some famous landmark in London.

Jal Mahal , Jaipur

Jal Mahal , Jaipur

This picture was taken when we went to Jaipur. You can see the Jal Mahal in the background, we were on a very tight schedule that day so we had very less time stipulated for visiting Jal Mahal. To our surprise it suddenly started raining, for a moment we thought this might spoil our visit but nothing can stop us when we are in the mood to do something. We went out and enjoyed the rain and the rain turned into a blessing. The half immersed Jal Mahal looked beautiful and when we took this selfie it was still raining. We were hardly able to open our eyes as the rain drops were directly dropping into our eyes. The picture has beautifully captured the memorable moment.

Ajmer Sharif, Ajmer

After going to Ajmer Sharif, Ajmer

This picture was taken after we visited Ajmer sharif. That was a really hectic day as we decided to walk the streets of Ajmer. Though we find the way to Ajmer sharif very quickly as we were asking the direction to the local people after every few steps but while returning we became a bit arrogant and thought we are like the champion travelers and hence don’t need any help. We paid the price for it, you can see we are looking tired but there is always some time for a selfie and another moment captured for life.

Now, if we get a chance to roam on the streets of London, it will defintely be an incredible experience. Though I have seen his pictures from there but I think being there would be really exciting. The best part about london is that you can click pictures on the streets because every part is so picturesque. Heritage buildings can be seen all over the city and some really old and beautiful monuments that are no traveler wants to miss.

If given a choice to select two monuments or places in front of which I would definitely like to click the selfie then I would say it would be “Big Ben” and “London Eye”

London Big Ben picture Phone booth

London Big Ben

I think Big Ben is something which define London for me, I know there would be many places but if it’s the the first place that comes to your mind and I would definitely like to have a picture there.

London Eye Twilight picture image

London Eye

The second place will be in front of London Eye. I think everyone must have seen the ad of the famous Sherlock series, I’m also part of the huge fan following it has. I would definitely like to have a picture like the one in the ad where Sherlock Holes (Benedict Cumberbatch)  and Doctor Watson (Martin Freeman) are standing and London eye is behind them.


  • amritasabat

    Hey this is a gr8 post! Selfies everywher & now time for London huh?! All d best 2 U!

  • I really liked the commercial. I can understand how it made you want to fly to London to be with you friend; to travel the distance to get closer. I don’t live near my best friend, but when we are able to get together, it is like we were never apart.

    I hope you and your father are able to make the journey to London.

    Nice selfies 🙂 Mine never turn out, so I haven’t published one.

  • Superb take. Very beautifully said. One concidence I see, I too went the extra mile, for my love, great take. Best wishes.

  • what a beautiful story for friendship – and the you tube video you included is great but it does show you the power of a good ad – and how they warm the heart!!!
    and I enjoyed this post very much – esp. this:
    “you can’t predict life ”
    and of course this:

    “It’s the commitment that and the effort to keep the friendship going”

    well said, well said!!

    ~y. 🙂

  • It is such a lovely story… of friends and friendship..loved it..

    Daarun laaglo..All the best 🙂

  • Really pleased I decided to read this, as I don’t think I would have seen that wonderful British Airways ad if I didn’t, bizarre when one thinks I live in that part of the world. Anyway, I think the points you raise re. friendship are very significant. I had a friendship like the one you write about where one minute we were geographically close to one another and the next minute we were on different continents. Attempts to keep in touch never really worked out in the end which is a shame as I hold fond memories of that friendship .The nature of life is such I guess; you meet new people and the old ones take a backseat in your mind (not necessarily in a cruel way and doesn’t apply to everyone). I sincerely hope you get to come to London and meet your friend once again. Thoroughly enjoyed this post.

  • This is worth a smile – I’m glad to see the old fashioned idea of friendship still lives on 🙂 I’m sure when you both reconnect, the bond will still be there. Something that has lasted over so long may change, but it will be strong enough to withstand the distance.

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