Why should I travel to Thailand

As I started blogging, my passions of photography and travel took the center stage and most of the posts which I write in this blog are about my travels. As you keep writing about your travels you tend to attract like minded people to your blog as well. Most of the travellers that I follow rated Thailand a must go for every traveler. The pictures of “WAT” are amazing and always attracted me. I’m also interested in art and architecture. During my commonwealth games training while talking with a expert from the Archelogical survey of India I understood that I have the passion for it and as he said I should explore as many places as I can in my free time to develop a better understanding on the subject.

The photographer in me wants to have the opportunity to click the pictures of the beautiful places in Thailand. The artist in me want to have the opportunity to visit the Stupas present there, which have historical significance. I have been to Sarnath and visited the Stupa there. The inquisitive bug in me wants to have a first hand experience of the culture in Thailand and want to meet the people of that country.

Why should I travel to Thailand ?

1. Culture – Thailand’s culture is shaped from the cultures of Indian, Lao, Burmese, Cambodian, and Chinese. All these influences can be felt there and it would be really amazing to know how these cultures have helped shape the lives of their people.Several different ethnic groups and culture of their local people both can be experienced there.

Marriage in Thailand

Marriage in Thailand – from wikimedia

There is a huge difference in knowing about the culture and personally experiencing it. Having a first hand experience gives you a better perspective of that place and their people. If possible I would really like to be a part of their traditional marriage ceremony or any other traditional ceremony.

Traditional red female Thai dress

Traditional red female Thai dress – from wikimedia

The traditional Thai greeting, the WAI, is generally offered first by the younger of the two people meeting, with their hands pressed together, fingertips pointing upwards as the head is bowed to touch their face to the hands. It is very similar to the NAMASKAR we do in India.

2. Art and architecture – Thailand’s history provides account of various art and architecture. There is a huge Indian influence in their culture and that can also be seen in their art and architecture.

Indian settlers and the rulers of India have impacted their culture a lot. From Ashoka of the Maurya Empire to the Pallava and Gupta empire all have their impact on Thailand.

Thai Art

Thai Art

I have mentioned during the start of the post about the wat in Thailand. Except that there are historical parks and many beautiful temples and monuments which are known for their beautiful architecture.

Thai architecture

Thai architecture

3. Buddhism – Religion has a huge impact in any culture, art and architecture. Buddhism is the most important religion in Thailand. Hence there is a religious connect with India because Buddhism originated from India and then spread to rest of the world.

Dhamek Stupa

Dhamek Stupa

The above picture is taken by me when I visited the Buddhist Temple in Sarnath.

4. Bangkok – I feel the city Bangkok itself is a great attraction. It’s the capital and most populous city in Thailand. People say Bangkok has a life of its own and I would definitely like to be a part of this. The bus ride in Bangkok is worth giving a try. I wonder what would happen if DTC start giving free rides to the commuters. 😉 😛

Bangkok is also known for its art and I would definitely like to visit the Bangkok art and culture center.

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre building Thailand

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre building – from wikimedia

5. Sea, beaches and party – Pattaya and Phuket are both known for their beaches and sea. There are beaches in other provinces as  well. I don’t like sea, beaches and the party said no person ever. Everyone likes to celebrate and enjoy the beaches and sea.

Panorama of James Bond Island

Panorama of James Bond Island

6. Nature – There are many beautiful islands in Thailand which one should visit and I would specially like to visit Chiang Mai which is a culturally important place and it is also close to nature.

Phuket Thailand

Phuket Thailand

7. Deep sea diving – When you are going to a place then you explore everything that place has to offer. I feel many people have the fantasy to experience the deep sea and explore a new and interesting things. I’m really interested in knowing and exploring new things and I think I would definitely give it a try. There should be some adventure in life, isn’t it?

Deep sea diving travel

Deep sea diving travel – from wikipedia

I read in some blogs and trip advisor about this place Ko Tao, I think I would like to visit the beach there and if possible try out the deep-sea diving. 🙂

8. Photography – I have written so much about thailand, from the art, architeture and beautiful temples to the their amazing beaches and natural environment. Needless to say it’s a paradise for the people who like photography. You have so much to capture that you are going to be spoilt by the choices you have.

Ho trai Chiang Mai

Ho trai Chiang Mai – from Wikipedia

9. Peace – I think rest is what everyone needs and what better place to rest and to find peace than the serene mountains and beautiful beaches of Thailand. I have been working continuously for long now and would definitely like to have some change from my daily routine.


I hope now you must have enough reason ” why should I travel to Thailand “.


Love to hear from you