Blog Review and Updates – March 2014

I wrote a post about my blogging achievements  last month. I think I will try to make it a monthly affair to write a review of my blog and update people about the changes and achievements.

NEW BLOG : I’ve started a new blog PROCESSINGCREATIVITY.COM about which I informed on my last months update. This blog is progressing steadily. I think finally it has started to take a shape of its own.

I have written a short story called  I’m the legend : Mars Trip 2020 in that blog. I would definitely want that you should give your feedback on that. I have started taking my writing seriously now and hope all of you will like it.

TOP POSTS – This month 12 of my posts were declared Top Posts in Indiblogger. In my last update I informed that two of my posts were declared Top Posts. It has been a huge improvement.

BLOGGERS MEET – I attended my second bloggers meet which was again a great experience. I really enjoyed that event. Read more about the Bloggers Meet.

FOLLOWERS : I reached 600 Followers in WordPress and over 1000 followers in twitter. Though not many people is following me on Facebook. I also created my  Google+ account.

RANKINGS & AWARDS : I have been given high ranking in Indi-bloggers directory. This month it increased 1 point to reach 84. I also received some more blog awards about which I will post soon.

VISITORS : With your love and affection,I have crossed 20,000 views which I think is good as the blog is still relatively new. 😀

CHANGES : I think there has been quite a few changes that I have made in last month. I have added a Featured Post tab and a Awards tab on my welcome/home page. These are like galleries where you can view the important posts and awards respectively.

HAPPY POST CHALLENGE : I feel really proud to tell you that I started a blogging event called Happy Post Challenge. It has completed its one month today. The four weeks have been really good and some really supportive bloggers have joined me in this endeavor for spreading happiness around. I invite all of you to be a part of this challenge. (This week – Happy Post Challenge : Alive )

Keep blogging.Stay blessed. 🙂


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