Happy Post Challenge : Alive

It’s another Sunday and we have a new theme for the Happy Post Challenge.There are moments in our life when we feel rejuvenated, moments which define our lives, moments which bring immense happiness into our lives.So, this week’s theme for Happy Post Challenge is feeling Alive

It can be anything…it can be seeing a beautiful flower bloom or it can be watching a movie with your loved ones. It can be enjoying the food you love. So, this week’s theme is Alive, the moments which makes you life worthy and enjoyable.

For me the time which I spent with my friends during college was the time which used to make me feel happy and alive. These were the defining moments of my college life. The time we enjoyed together is something which I always cherish. These pictures are around 5 years old and were taken when we were still new to our college and went out of the campus to see the neighboring areas.

Happy Post Challenge : Feeling Alive

Feeling Alive

There were hardly any human life present there. Though we had to walk the entire journey still we were happy just to roam around in those areas.

Happy Post Challenge : Feeling Alive

Feeling Alive

Since we were wandering in the wild, it made perfect sense to climb the tree and get a picture clicked. These silly things made us laugh and we enjoyed every moment. We clicked pictures at every place and now these pictures are part of our happy memories. Though we don’t get to meet each other that often but these memories will always bring us together.

When I look at my pictures I check only one thing in them that was I happy during those moments, if I was happy then that is a moment worth remembering again. I feel these small happy moments makes our life worth living.

Create a new post about the moment(s) which makes you feel alive, you can share more than one moment if you like. Be creative and interpret the challenge as you want. Spread some happiness :)

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Happy Post Challenge

Happy Post Challenge


1. Every week I will give a theme for the “Happy Post Challenge”. You have to create a new post related to that theme.You can post pictures, write poems, write your experiences or express yourself in whatever way you can.  You have the creative freedom to interpret and represent it in your way.

2. To make it easy for others to find your posts and reach your blog, title your blog post “Happy Post Challenge” and tag it “Happy Post“. Provide a link (Pingback) to the original post so that other people can easily connect with you and find other happy posts.

3. You should post your entries any time before the next Sunday when the theme for the next week will be announced.Remember to follow ProcessingTheLife.com so that you don’t miss out on the Happy Post Challenge announcements. :) :D

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14 Responses

  1. Anita says:

    Great initiative Gaurab! The trick is to find time to write all that I plan to :)

  2. maverickbird says:

    Great challenge idea..keep it up

  3. Robin says:

    I like the idea of a Happy Post Challenge. I am going to try to start participating every week. Unfortunately, my post link didn’t pingback, and I added your link twice. It comes straight to your page. I tagged the post, although my tags don’t show up. Anyway, here is my link:

    • Gaurab says:

      Hi, the problem was I manually allow links and pingback on my posts. So, it doesn’t show up automatically. Now both your pingback and comment is showing up. Thanks for being a part of this challenge and spreading happiness around. :) 😀 I look forward to your participation. :).

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