Happy Post Challenge : Funny guy

We all have some favorite characters from television or movies which we find extremely funny. Some iconic characters who can make us “Happy” even when we are feeling very low or we have some personal favorites (actors) who you can relate to and who instantly brings a smile to your face. I know you might have already got his jokes or his expressions in your mind. So, this week’s Happy Post Challenge is the Funny guy.

I have many favorites when funny guys are concerned. From Adam Sandler in Hollywood to Kapil Sharma in Indian television but my favorite is Steve Carell. I feel he is born with that talent, he can bring a smile to your face even with the least of expressions which he make. He is effortless and unique.

He (or his character) has a special connect with me because around a year ago I joined my office and I felt really bored there. When I used to come back home I used to watch his episodes, which used to make me feel relaxed. After few days I started to imagine what if he was the manager of my office and how he would have handled a certain situation and it really helped me relax in my office. :) 😀

“That’s what she said” – Just writing this expression makes me happy. I hope you have watched his series “The Office“, if you haven’t then I definitely recommend it.

Create a new post about your own favorite funny guys, you can share what makes him stand out or any incident or moment related to watching them or your general admiration for an artist.You can be creative and interpret the challenge as you want. Spread some happiness :)

Happy Post Challenge

Happy Post Challenge


1. Every week I will give a theme for the “Happy Post Challenge”. You have to create a new post related to that theme.You can post pictures, write poems, write your experiences or express yourself in whatever way you can.  You have the creative freedom to interpret and represent it in your way.

2. To make it easy for others to find your posts and reach your blog, title your blog post “Happy Post Challenge” and tag it “Happy Post“. Provide a link (Pingback) to the original post so that other people can easily connect with you and find other happy posts.

3. You should post your entries any time before the next Sunday when the theme for the next week will be announced.Remember to follow ProcessingTheLife.com so that you don’t miss out on the Happy Post Challenge announcements. :) :D

*[This post is also my entry cadbury #conditionserioushai]

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8 Responses

  1. PsiFiGal says:

    That video is hilarious! I have to admit I haven’t watched “The Office” very much, it’s a show I keep meaning to start but never remember to whenever I have some extra time. I really like Steve Carell too :)

    • Gaurab says:

      Thanks. The office is definitely one of the best shows I have watched and which I never wanted to end. A spinoff will be nice. Steve Carell is genius. :) 😀

  2. Nice idea. I think for me (I’m older) the funny guys who could make me laugh by doing very little were Tim Conway and also Peter Sellers.

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