Happy Post Challenge : First Post

It has been some time now that I’m part of this blogosphere. In this time I have made some great friends and met some wonderful people. I met people who write exceptionally well and people who take amazing pictures. When I started blogging I wasn’t much sure about my niche and that’s clear from the tag line of my blog as well ” Travel, photography, writings and other things I like”. I tried to find that one thing that I should focus more but I have to admit I wasn’t much successful. :)

I noticed that from day one my interest was towards creating posts that could make people happy and bring something positive into their life. If you are following my blog for some time, you would probably know that. I even call my self the “HAPPY BLOGGER” because I think I post to make people happy. So, finally I found my niche it’s Happiness. ;) :D

It’s natural to contribute back to the group or society which you are part of hence from today I’m starting another blogging event – ” Happy Post Challenge “. This is not actually a challenge but a way to spread more happiness around this blogosphere.

Happy Post Challenge logo

I thought when one post by me can bring so much happiness then one can’t imagine how much happiness we all can bring if we all post together. So, I have taken this initiative to spread a little more happiness. Hope all of you will join me in this endeavor.

This week’s theme,

Happy Post Challenge : A Happy Memory


1. Every week I will give a theme for the “Happy Post Challenge”. You can post pictures, write poems, write your experiences or express yourself in whatever way you can.  You have the creative freedom to interpret and represent it in your way.

2. To make it easy for others to find your posts and reach your blog, title your blog post “Happy Post Challenge” and tag it “Happy Post“. Provide a link to the original post so that other people can easily connect and find other happy post as well.

3. You should post your entries any time before the next Sunday when the theme for the next week will be announced.Remember to follow ProcessingTheLife.com so that you don’t miss out on the Happy Post Challenge announcements. :) :D

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