There are statues in almost every part of India. Every city and town is filled with many statues. Statues from freedom fighters, social reformists and popular artists can be found everywhere, in streets or in public places.

I don’t find the statues of the politicians much appealing, first because they were bound to the work they have done for the people, not doing it might raise some question but building statues for doing their work is little absurd for me. Further in India, the statues are built by the sons and daughters of the politicians who have taken over their political powers in their hand after the death of their parents.

I prefer statues of the artists, poets, writers.They are the people who actually have contributed towards the society and impacted the lives of people. Further, it wasn’t there duty and many of whom died even without much recognition.

I am posting the picture of the statue of another legend, Satyajit Ray.This picture was taken by me during the Durga Puja Festival of 2013. This statue was created to show respect towards the great director who contributed so much towards the Indian cinema or movies. This statue as place inside one of the Durga Puja Pandals.

Satyajit Ray was an Indian filmmaker and is regarded as one of the greatest the Indian cinema has ever produced. He was born in Kolkata (then Calcutta) on 2nd May,1921. He was born in a family which was very prominent in the field of arts. His father Sukumar Ray was a eminent poet and writer of Bengali literature.

He got good education and also worked in the field of literature and arts.He graduated from the Ballygunge Government School and studied Economics at Presidency College. He then attended Kala Bhavan, the Art School at Tagore’s University, Santiniketan during 1940-1942.Ray did not complete the art course in Santiniketan. He returned to Calcutta.

Satyajit Ray did almost all the work relate to creative side of making movies. He was a Film or movie director, producer, writer, screen writer or screen play writer, lyricist and music director.

His first movie Pather Panchali (1955) won several International Awards and set Ray as a world-class director.won eleven international prizes, including Best Human Documentary at the Cannes Film Festival. This film, Aparajito (1956), and Apur Sansar (1959) form the Apu Trilogy.

Satyajit Ray received many awards in his lifetime. He won 32 National Film Awards, which is the most significant and prestigious award in the country. He was also widely popular internationally and received many awards from International bodies. He got the most prestigious Academy award in 1992. The govenment of India also conferred him with Bharat Ratna the same year. Satyajit ray was only the second person after Chaplin from films/movies  to receive the honorary doctorate from Oxford University.Most of the International film festivals also recognized his works and awarded him for his contributions.

Satyajit Ray died on 23rd April,1992 in Kolkata (then Calcatta) after doing around 40 movies and documentaries. He has nummerous articles and books to his credit as well. He also contributed towards editing and writing his own movies.

Satyajit Ray - legendary Film-maker

Satyajit Ray – legendary Film-maker


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