Statues in India : Statue of Vivekananda

There are statues in almost every part of India. Every city and town is filled with many statues. Statues from freedom fighters, social reformists and popular artists can be found everywhere, in streets or in public places.

I don’t find the statues of the politicians much appealing, first because they were bound to the work they have done for the people, not doing it might raise some question but building statues for doing their work is little absurd for me. Further in India, the statues are built by the sons and daughters of the politicians who have taken over their political powers in their hand after the death of their parents.

I prefer statues of the artists, poets, writers.They are the people who actually have contributed towards the society and impacted the lives of people. Further, it wasn’t there duty and many of whom died even without much recognition.

So, here is a pictures a legend. This statue is of Vivekananda. He was an Indian saint and is famous for  having Sri Ramakrishna as his masters. He used to challenge the religious views of the people and worked towards finding enlightenment.

History regard him as a monk or a saint.He was a key figure in the introduction of the Indian philosophies of  Vedanta and Yoga to the Western world and is credited with raising interfaith awareness.

He was instrumental in revival of Hinduism and in spreading the concepts of modern day Hinduism, the Hinduism which has become a part of millions of people. He gave inspirational speeches at many western countries and his quotes are widely popular.His work towards the religion is also commendable because he brought Hinduism at par with other religions and helped towards propagating its values to the western countries. 

Statue of Vivekananda, Mumbai

I would definitely like to quote his words -

“We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far. ” ― Swami Vivekananda


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24 responses to “Statues in India : Statue of Vivekananda

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  2. Great post, I like the story of Vivekananda, he sounds like a great man. When did he live? That quote is spot on! Thoughts can be either healthful or toxic, it’s a good thing to try to keep from thinking negatively, I have difficulty with it but I try, that’s all one can do :)

    • Thank you.Sometimes I wonder how people perceive India, it’s a weird amalgamation of Bollywood and yoga. :P You are free to contact me for any info. :)

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