Blog Celebrity

I wanted to write a post about the things I achieved by blogging during the last month. I feel really grateful for all your support.


First of all two of my posts were declared Indi-blogger top post,



Then I got to meet some real celebrities like Vikas Khanna, Rajiv Makhni and Vishal Gondal in bloggers meet, about which I have written in the above post “Blog,blogging and bloggers meet”

FOLLOWERS : I reached 500 Followers in WordPress and over 950 followers in twitter. Though not many people is following me on facebook.

RANKINGS : I have been given high ranking in Indi-bloggers directory, Currently I’m having 83/100 (higher the better) also my alexa rank has improved a lot as well.  (Contact me for tips :P )

VISITORS : With your love and affection, I have crossed 17,000 views which I think is good as the blog is still comparatively new. ;) :D

NEW BLOG : I’ve started a new blog PROCESSINGCREATIVITY.COM, it deals with political and social issue. I would also write some other updates that I want to share in that blog as well. Since this is my personal blog hence I wasn’t getting the freedom to share about social issues here. Hope this will be a good outlet for my thoughts.

There hasn’t been much activity there, be the pioneers in exploring that blog.

CHANGES : I’ve made many changes in the theme and customized the look as per the feedback I have received from my readers. Hope you all will like the change. Do give your inputs and any recommendations are welcome, even criticism ;) :D

Keep blogging.Stay blessed. :)

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40 responses to “Blog Celebrity

  1. I liked it, soft colour and reading nicely… You know, my background was in red colour but I learned that it was making problem for some eyes… and I changed too, dear Gaurab…. You are welcome, love, nia

  2. Congrats!!! I’m so pleased for you. I look forward to your posts, as obviously so many others do as well. Can’t wait for more. I like the changes. :)

    • I kind of tried the whole spectra ;) Finally something suits the readers :D I wasn’t even aware that it was causing problems for my readers. There is a big problem with facebook…I’m not on it ;) , so it’s very difficult to tell people to like it :)

      • I have a link from my wordpress welcome page, and my twitter page but I was never allowed on it at school. My page is set up like a business page rather than a personal page and I’m still getting used to it and trying to find time to answer comments.

        • Even my page is a business page, I used to have a account but it was very time consuming so I deactivated it and it has been more than a year now… :)

  3. Way to go Gaurab! I love the new look, it’s very easy on the eyes. I hope you get more readers on your other blog, it’s important for people to stay informed on social and political issues. I am interested but admit I don’t watch the news enough, sometimes it gets me depressed or anxious. Anyway, I ramble, I’m getting caught up with my reader, sorry for so many comments all at once :)

    • Yes, one seem to share so much info and time in their blog that sometimes a blog friend may know more about you than friends whom you meet everyday ;) :)

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