Role of groups in our life and society

This always puzzles me how a group can think totally different from the individual persons who form the group. Group behaves like a person in itself where it has it’s own mindset and way of doing things. Being a part of the group changes the thinking of the individual as well. He may become more aggressive in the approach he have or he may end up being little diluted in his approach.

In history we have seen groups changing the course of the society and playing an important role in shaping the society as it is. All the movements start with small groups.

Groups also help people finding the connection with each other. People feel connected by being a part of a group and feel stronger because they feel they are not the only one with that thought process and they feel there are people who think like him and will support him.

Being a part of a group is very important for every person, In life we are part of many groups like family which is the first and the most intimate group we join, our neighborhood,  our friends, classmates, book clubs, office groups and many others. These groups end up shaping our lives.

I would like to end this by telling a very important group I’m part of which is the group of bloggers and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

Your comments means a lot to me so do share your love and affection. Stay blessed :)

A people’s movement is going on in INDIA, a group lead by a common man.

This entry is in response to – Dailyprompt : Groupthink

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29 responses to “Role of groups in our life and society

  1. You’re absolutely right in your observations about groups (especially your 1st paragraph).
    But ‘groupthink’ is VERY dangerous, for the individual and the group.
    Yes, we form groups of all different types, but people tend to forget that ALL groups are made up of individuals first.
    Groups do not think rationally, they do not form a ‘group brain’ as a collective of the members. They are basically like an insane person, with parts saying one thing, and other parts saying something else. They seem to absolve the individuals in them of all responsibility, so they act out much more easily.
    I hate to see the USA leaning more and more toward promoting ‘group rights’ (there is no such thing!) ,over individual rights more and more. That is a large part of why our country is going downhill.
    Groups are all fine and dandy, as long as they can work together in peace and harmony, but all to often they wind up hurting many (if not most) of the individuals that form them AND they want to fight with other groups.

    • i agree with this comment, groups act often without conscience, and the individual gets carried away by its momentum, and often forgets their own principals. they also often generalize, and by its very nature, lose sight of individuality. groups like these, which are forums where people can maintain, and express individuality, have vital roles, and can open honest and thoughtful debate, support, and allow room for personal growth. cheers!

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  3. It’s a privilege and an adventure to be part of such a huge, diverse group! I love that it’s so large that it can have unbelievable variety within it and yet our common pleasure in the challenges and adventures of being bloggers brings us together as a supportive community. So glad you’re in it too! :)

  4. I enjoy being part of the blogging universe too :) Sometimes groups can get out of hand, take on a “mob mentality” and do immoral things that none of the individuals would ever in a million years do, like in riots. But that’s the exception, not the rule, thank goodness!

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