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I recently attended a ‘Bloggers Meet’ which was a really special experience for me, being around so many bloggers at the same time is really amazing. You have so much to learn and so much to improve and meeting so many bloggers at one place provides the best opportunity to learn and grow as a blogger.

The event was organized by Indi-bloggers and it was held at The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi on Friday January 24, 2014. The event was called Nokia – Your wish my app (#YWMA). One can easily guess by the name that it was related to Nokia and it was related to APP. Yes, your guess is absolutely right, it was about suggesting an app idea to Nokia. The last year’s edition saw 38,000 entries while they are expecting around 50,000 entries this year.  Minimum one entry from the event was assured to be short listed for the final 30 among which some (or all) will be converted into actual app (Windows app) by the developers.

There was already so much to look forward to but this was not all. The event also saw three hugely popular youth icons making their presence felt and encouraging the bloggers. The three guests for the event were Vikas KhannaRajiv Makhni and Vishal Gondal. All three of them got huge crowd cheer when they entered the room.

For those people who are not aware of these names, let me give you some information about them -

That's the best picture I captured of three of them

That’s the best picture I captured of three of them

Rajiv makhni is a technology journalist, analyst and television presenter. He is popular among people because of his show ‘Gadget guru’, which is one of the most popular technology based show. He has recently received the ITA or Indian television academy award for the best television anchor of the year 2012.

Vikas Khanna is a chef, restaurateur, filmmaker, humanitarian and the host of the TV Show MasterChef India. He is currently hosting the show twist of taste on Fox traveller. He has also authored many cook books.

Vishal Gondal is an Indian entrepreneur and angel investor, best known as the founder and CEO of Indiagames He was the Managing Director and DisneyUTV Digital.

The registration for the event started as scheduled at 6:15 pm. Some people were in a rush to go inside for a moment I thought is it on first come first serve basis which was not the case actually so I gave them a pass and after few seconds my turn arrived.  Everyone was served snacks on arrival and was given a pad and a pencil to write down their ideas for app.

Few moments later we were told to go inside the hall where the event was going to take place. I grabbed a seat in one of the front rows and started analyzing the surroundings. The stage had a giant screen which was showing two parallel feeds, one form twitter #YWMA and the other of the people who entered the venue. People around me (me included) got really happy when our names got displayed. ;) :) (Ya I know it’s silly, when I’ve entered then it’s bound to show my name ).

The event started with one of team members (from Indi-blogger team) welcoming us. The welcome was not a normal welcome but a Indi-blogger special, we all were made to stand up and then we had to howl #Hurr #Hurr, it just took me a moment and I was howling at my peak. ;) :D

Our first speaker was from Nokia, he gave us lots of stats about the growth in the number of smart phone users and in the number of apps being used. He was full of information, one thing which definitely intrigued me was the DVLUP platform, it’s a developer platform which takes ideas from consumers to make apps for the consumers. It’s definitely a great initiative, what do you think?

Then the three star guests took over the stage, Rajiv like always took the hosting part and started asking questions to Vikas and Vishal. All three of them were very entertaining. There was a magic show in between as well. All three of them left o attempt to engage the audience and I have to tell you that they were more than successful. People were running, shouting, jumping, singing and even dancing on the stage. It was all happening there, there was not a single soul who may have felt bored in this event.

They cracked many jokes on the stage and mostly on each other, I still remember one such funny incident Rajiv shared with the audience, he said ” During the first edition when he first came for the event he was surprised to see Vikas there as he’a cook and don’t have much relation to technology but he still went ahead to greet him but as he greeted him, Vikas asked him why is he there? Which made him astonished. Actually vikas thought the show was related to APP – appetizers. (Don’t take it seriously they were just trying to bring a smile to faces of the audience)

The jokes were not the only thing that brought smile to their faces, there were lots of gifts that were given to the audience for volunteering for questions and tasks. I gave answer to one such question and  won a prize for that. (Yes, it brought a big smile on my face)

All of us submitted many app ideas and then the event was ended with all of taking pictures with our guests. I think they posed for around thousand pictures or even more. If anyone is having my picture with them feel free to contact. After that all of had our dinner, which was also part of the meet. The event was huge success.  :)

I love blogging so my app ideas are related to blogging as well. So, my WINDOWS APP IDEAS are -


Blog gives people a personal take on things, a view which people can relate to or in other words a genuine representation or review of things and it is many a times better than the view available on the commercial sites because many a times they are promoted views. So, I search engine which will showcase all the blogs together.

What’s is USP of this search engine – It will have a sort option based on

1. Labels / Categories (Like travel, food or photography)

2. Topics / groups (Like India, Delhi, Singapore in Travel)

3. Blogger search – Search bloggers close to the place you live or search bloggers who blog about specific topics

4. Random search – Just like the toggle property of the music player, select random search (on specific label) and you will get a instant search result. For travel lovers it could be a new travel destination. For Food lovers it can be a totally new food recipe.


I have been using the Indi-blogger website for few months now and I have really found it very useful so what I found suggest an windows app for the Indi-blogger so that bloggers could stay connected on the go and their efficiency increase.

Technically, it will be nice to have as many features from the website to be there on the app but it’s for the developers to see.

If you like it, please leave a comment. It helps in bringing a smile to a bloggers face.

Stay happy. Stay blessed. :D

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