Inspirational words from a friend

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My friend is someone who prefer being quiet than talking uselessly. So, when he says something, it definitely has some worth. So, once he told me a wonderful thing which I always keep in mind.

He said “Don’t think about what people say to you (either good or bad), these people were not there few years ago in your life and few years later they won’t be there either. So, don’t worry about temporary things.”

“If someone stays there in your life after few years then do give value to their suggestion because they are the ones who stayed with you and they are the ones who really like you.”

It has been long that he said these words to me. Interestingly, in these years I have found very few people whom I should give importance to.

What about you? do you guys have many such people in your life? I would really like to hear your experiences with people. Stay blessed. :)

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And  I added a new post to my blog PROCESSING CREATIVITY. Hope you all will like it. It’s related to the current anti-corruption movement going on in India.

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15 responses to “Inspirational words from a friend

  1. I only have 2 good friends, I have known one since I was about 5 years old and the other I met when I was around 12 or 13. I have had some others along the way but these 2 have stayed true friends :)

  2. Wow, love this. Really puts things in perspective! We should only really care about the opinions of those whose presence in our lives is more permanent, because what’s the point of changing for someone who might not even be part of our lives long enough to see the change happen? :)


    • Exactly. What’s the profit of giving value to what every other person is saying, most of time the suggestions are not even for our benefit, they suggest the changes which are suitable for them :) :D

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  4. A few individuals stay in your life to the end, I guess. I have a few of them at least.

    At any rate, I wouldn’t set the whole store by anyone’s words, however long they’ve been with me. I am my own judge.

  5. Great words, Gaurab.You are lucky to have such a friend.We are surrounded by a millions of people but at the same time we often suffer from loneliness.Only a couple of others lifes becomes your life too

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