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Yesterday I went to my first Indi-Bloggers meet which was held at The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi. I got the chance to meet Vikas Khanna, Rajiv Makhni and Vishal Gondal. I also end up winning a prize for my prompt answer. The event gave me the chance to connect with many fellow bloggers. I have a lot of things to share for which I will write a detailed post tomorrow. I’m sharing my picture taken with Vikas khanna :)

vikas khanna  with Gaurab from processingthelife

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50 responses to “Bloggers meet – Your wish my app

  1. i like the overoi in Bangalore. Have fond memories of dining there. Hope you meeting went well.. thanks for your support on my blogs.. eve

    • Yes, the one in Delhi is also good. The meet was amazing, people really enjoyed themselves. Thanks for dropping by and you definitely have great blogs. I will definitely love to dig some more posts. Stay blessed. :)

      • thank you. I have only recently created the photo blogs. I needed to because my folders are full of photos.. I never thought of putting them on line but now I think it is a good idea.. I hope my the years end, the photos on my computer will all be up on line, at least, those worth saving.. Good luck. eve.

          • true i have loads of photos.. Normally it does not take long to post photos.. it is the spacing and the quotes that are the hardest.. eve

          • I think one should not post many photos at the same time, it normally decreases the value of each individually. At max 15-20 interrelated pictures should be post. When they are more in number people pay less attention to each. So, I totally agree about the spacing part. :) :D

  2. That’s great Gaurav…that must have been a very good experience. Looking forward to the Mumbai Blogger’s Meet

    • Hi Jhilmil, yes it was definitely a great experience. Having so many bloggers under one roof was exciting and meeting the celebrities were a bonus. Hope the Mumbai meet becomes equally successful. :)

    • Maybe I’m a popular blogger ;) :D I think it’s the love of my fellow bloggers, who like to share their feeling with me. Thanks for dropping by. Stay blessed :)

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