New blog and New beginnings : Processing Creativity and Indian struggle

Hi friends, you may have noticed that I haven’t been much regular with my postings in this blog. The reason is that I was busy figuring out my new blog. Don’t get excited, I’m not ending this blog and neither I would devote less time to it. It’s just that this is a very personal blog and I didn’t wanted to share much of the things that are going in my head in this blog.

You may know that there is a political turmoil going on in India right now, so being a person I am I needed a platform to express my views somewhere. If you don’t know then we are seeing a nation wide ANTI-GRAFT MOVEMENT, some say it’s like the freedom movement and the only difference is we are fighting the elite of our society. You can find many articles related to it but most articles trying to show the movement in bad light, which is not a surprise as in India most of the media houses are controlled by some big corporate and the voice of common people gets lost somewhere.

Hope you would like my initiative –

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