17 Again

I watched a movie some time back called 17 again, in which the main character of the movie was not happy with his life and nobody around him was happy with him. Suddenly one day a miracle happens and he becomes 17 again and he gets the chance to relive his live and rectify the mistakes which he made. He got the chance to choose his career and passion over love and other things.He could have changed his decisions but he didn’t. He repeated what he did all those years ago. He made the same choices when he became 17 again even when he had the prior knowledge that all those decisions will led him to a poor life.

17_again_movie cover wallpaper

17 again movie cover (from http://gahhstar.deviantart.com/)

So, what was it that made him take that decision? Was it just love? I would say love is a part of that feeling which may have forced him to take that decision.

More importantly it’s the happiness, it makes him happy to make those choices. To be with someone you love gives you happiness like nothing else. Further, it reflects his personality. We are the choices that we make, even when we know that some choices will not give us fruitful results, we still back those choices, thinking that some miracle will happen and our choices will come good. We want our choices to succeed because they are the representation of what we are.All of us what to live our life in our terms and want to happy. So, even when someone tells you that the in future your decision will be proved wrong, you still won’t give up the idea that there is still a possibility that your choice could be right.

In this case though he knows that the choices he made were not good but he still believes in them and sticks to them because this decision will always make him happy. Science has no proof but we believe in god. We know that there is no Santa but we still let the kids believe it and sometimes we know that someone doesn’t love us but still pretend not to notice it.There are some things in life which you want to be right even when you know it’s not because you believe in them  ;) :)

PS – I would repeat the same choices if I’m 16 again. :D

This entry is in response to - Daily prompt – Sweet sixteen

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28 responses to “17 Again

      • actually gaurab, i was again thinking about your post last night and i was wondering, now with a little experience with those choices, may be i will live those choices differently. what about you?

        • That’s really intriguing, why did you stance change on that? As far as I’m concerned I would definitely make most of the same choices and try to have better results with them, now as i know what led to the mistakes. I will also refrain myself from doing some of the things. ;) :)

          • well don’t think you got me. i didn’t say i will make different choices all i said was i am a changed person now and i might deal with those choices differently and you never know maybe the results are different too. :)

  1. There’s a line in the lovely film, Milagro Beanfield War, when the wise old man, Amarante, says, “If we knew what was going to happen, none of us would do anything.”

      • No, it means that knowing how things will turn out would keep people from dreaming and trying. The world would stagnate. In the story, the protagonist is planting a beanfield as an act of protest against a planned housing development. One of his friends wants to stop him, but the old man, Amarante holds him back and says that line. It’s more important for the protagonist to plant the field than it is ever to harvest the beans. :)

  2. Interesting!!
    We always do what we want and what we are, no matter what other say about it..
    so if I am 16 again, I think, I would repeat same choices again. :-)

  3. I liked this movie, I’m a fan of Mathew Perry. I’m not sure if I’d make the same decisions or not, I made some really BIG mistakes when I was young… I often wonder what my life would be like if I had done some things differently.

  4. True that!
    Not sure about the choice I make but I am pretty sure they would be as bad or even worse than the actual ones that I have made. :p :p
    Anyways, no regrets…cheers to life! :D :)

    • Yes, I could understand that. Given a second chance when you already know what’s going to happen can even make you carefree and allow you to do whatever you like. :) I totally agree No regrets and cheers to life. :D

  5. I think a lot off people would think they’d change the decisions they made. I wouldn’t change a thing, because I don’t have much of regrets anyways maybe one or two. LOL!

  6. Interesting. I think I’d do the same thingS too. Even though my choices were influenced by other forces (parents), I’d do the same thing. For a long time I blamed them but I think because I felt I didn’t do anything wrong. I was being a typical teenager. I would’ve handled myself differently. 😄

    • In teenage we do tend to think that way but still what I noticed is that most of the things what parents tell are around about the things which you would have actually done yourself if given a choice to do but since our parents tell us to that it becomes a forced choice for us. Thanks for dropping by. :)

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