Lucky to have Mother in your life

Mother and her children share a very special bond. She is the first person a child sees when he first comes to life. I think mother feels herself lucky enough to have her children in her life but I think children are more fortunate to have mothers in their life. I think children are lucky enough to have mothers who have unconditional love for them. They care about you, even when you don’t notice, even when you don’t bother and even when you don’t show your gratitude. the selfless love of mother is one of the truest form of feelings that can be observed in this world.

In Indian culture mothers are have more importance than God. It is said that a person can find heaven in the feet of their mother. Even goddess Durga is said to be Maa Durga as she considers every person as her own child and is always their to help and protect them. In today’s world when a child grows up he knows how much struggle his/her mother has done to make him/her a better person. I think every child is lucky to have their mother in their life. Stay blessed :)

The post is in response to – Daily Post : The luckiest people

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8 responses to “Lucky to have Mother in your life

  1. Very good post. It made me think a lot. We all are said we should respect our mother, because she is like God. We show her love and respect she deserves, but we forget about others. Usually, any other woman, if she not our mother or sister, is treated not like one. I think all women, whether they are our mothers or any other females, who will become mothers some day, should be shown respect at a certain extend. Once the one was able to cultivate love for his dear mother, should learn to respect others despite the age.

  2. This is so true…a sanskrit sloka says that we can nvr repay the debt dat our parents undertake fr us in the form of fulfilling our every wish…especially our mothers take up so many sacrifices unconditionally n happily jst so we can smile…..

    • Yes, a child’s priority is to repay his parents debts. I have also read something about the ‘pitri-rin’. :) In our culture, parents have the highest regard and respect, Ganesha circled around his parents when he was said to circle around the universe, giving people the message that parents are the whole universe for their children. Thanks for the feedback. :)

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