A Bird in the sky

The daily post says, show us one. I think when we are alone and see the vast sky we do feel one. The oneness is not about being alone and feeling lonely but it’s about understanding your surrounding, loving the nature around you and being free in this world. :)

I have many pictures in which I am standing in front of some monument or some mountain with my arms open but those pictures are not true reflection of how I feel but I think this picture where the bird is flying high with its wings spread both side depict the my true feelings on those occasion. Do share you feedback, do you feel one with nature and surroundings?

bird in the sky and clouds

The post is in response to – Daily prompt : Singular sensation

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4 responses to “A Bird in the sky

  1. I love to look up at the sky. I take lots of pictures of the clouds, sunrises, and night skies. I am in awe of nature at times when I stop long enough to look. That is a great picture of a lone bird in the big sky.

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