Memes and wrong ‘wards’ can make you popular

Yes, the header has been intentionally written this way to give you an understanding that how small mistakes can turn out to be blunders.But is it really a reason to be ashamed of? I think the answer is NO because in today’s social network it can actually make you popular.

Earlier in the day I was feeling bored and was going through my twitter feed and suddenly I read a tweet mentioning ‘little black dick’. ;) It’s normal to stop at that moment to see what the post is about. As a matter of fact I was not the only one to pay attention to that tweet.

As I went through some more tweets, I felt really amused that what actually should have been an embarrassment for the person, has in fact turned out to be a boon.

I know that many people are actually creating these kind of memes for fun, which shows people fumbling with words. I would really be interested to know that are these  examples from their personal experience or are a product of a really creative mind.

Whatever these memes are, one thing is for sure that they are entertaining. In today’s world anything which brings a smile to our faces should be encouraged.

Now, let us understand what are these memes, here are some of the tweets which I found to be really helpful and informative -

here’s another one

Don’t take memes so lightly

Though it’s not like memes are just funny, there are some which gives you real life knowledge as well :P

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Share your favorite memes with me.Follow me on twitter

17 responses to “Memes and wrong ‘wards’ can make you popular

  1. Alright, Iphone’s autocorrection is another topic of discussion :P Luckily Iphone is not that ‘intelligent’ with other languages than english. I seldom get perverted correction when type :)

    • Some of the readers gave me the feedback that they were not comfortable in reading the posts. I think the changes have worked. :) Thanks for your feedback :) :D

  2. Good one!!! Had a hearty laugh..Once my boss sent a text to the whole team (decide a fate for campaign 6 review)..All of us scratched our heads thinking why did she say campaign 6 had a fate? does that mean campaign 6 will fail or bad times are ahead…..
    Oops, it was typo. She meant Date ..not fate…Auto correct can make people crazy

    • We all have these funny instances, it would have been multiple times funny because it was forwarded to so many people. Thanks for your feedback :) :D

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