Epic 23 things debate : Which is the better life choice from a young man’s perspective

If you haven’t followed much of the stuff written in the blogs about what a 23 years old should actually do then I guess you should actually read it, first post  and second post because this is in response to both of articles that were freshly pressed recently and plenty of the other blog posts that have been written on the same topic in the last few days. Do I totally think they lacked a man’s point of view. So this is my take on the whole episode.

When I read the first post, I wasn’t actually aligned with all the points written there but still majority of the points made sense to me.  As being a person from the same age bracket, I genuinely understood from where it was coming and liked the post as it was honest and genuine expression of what a person is going through (and most of the people in that age bracket).

After going through all the related posts, I would say the posts were really in-depth and well written and considered many sociological and psychological  aspects. The written in response were more sort of retaliatory posts and most of them taking potshots at the first post, which I definitely thought was not being mature and open to all kind of views. I know everyone has their point of view and I myself is very opinionated but a person’s point of view should not be such that it should be harsh or a personal attack to someone.

The point I’m putting across is that if you think you decision is right and you are happy doing what you are doing then definitely post about it but what’s the point of the comparison and at the same time what’s the point in attacking someone personally. You can post by comparing with general people who are not married or just comparing things in third person. Pin pointing that I think that person isn’t having a good life or judging people is not a right way this blogosphere is moving forward.

I liked the other posts as well and totally respect all the opinions as I think there should be a place for everyone’s opinion. I think people may be saying so what’s your personal take. I personally think it’s very subjective. As per my conversation with one of the writers (of the post) I totally agreed with her that she has the means to support her family right now hence the decision to marry is totally valid for her but I also mentioned that it’s not my personal opinion.I would prefer taking responsibilities later in my life when I will also have the means to support my family and enjoy the life when I am young…maybe it’s just the difference of choice.:)

I would also say that it’s not a debate about marriage, that it justified  to marry or not? rather it is about figuring out which is the more appropriate age for marriage. I won’t use the word right as while discussing with one of the authors of those posts I mentioned  that there isn’t any right age to marry or have children and I think both the authors will be in sinc with my this observation.

I think both the authors are optimistic and both have positive attitudes as both of them wrote about having a better life and about doing better things life. What will stand out is whose post covers a more wider audience and connect more to the people. Undoubtedly the first post is hugely popular and I believe criticism is also flattery as they did read the earlier post. I’m saying hugely popular not just because it has 1600+ likes and 3200+ comments (which is 20 times the response to the other post) but in real life even my friends more connected with the first post.

The 23 year old’d priority are not their kids or managing their marriage and house hold rather it is more towards the their career, their ambitions and their goals. Most of the people in this age bracket are still running around to have a more settled life and figuring out things in life. Needless to say most of the them have just left there colleges and some of them have taken some really good jobs. They are busy figuring out their life and things what they want to achieve and attain personally and professionally.

In a fun note, I want to mention a comment of a girl who wrote, because you have married it means you don’t ambitions is totally wrong and she said she was really angry with that post. I thought definitely this girl has a valid point but in the next statement she ruined it all. She says, I have ambition like travelling the world, it’s just that I have a friend with me now.  ;)  :D


College days

I think men are less represented in terms of blogs and has specially been neglected from this debate. So purposefully, I’m also posting 23 things because I think one do need diversity in opinions, this goes to all the men out there-

1. Get a passport. (yes, that’s common and done that)

2. Find your thing and it’s not watching football or playing video games :P

3. Make out with one of your ex, this will be task. LOL

4. Gift a pet (please don’t adopt a pet because at this point it would be better if you can get yourself adopted )

5. Get over your college band fantasy, it wasn’t going anywhere and you know it brother.

6. Cook some food, mix everything that you get in your refrigerator and please you taste buds. (baking is not your thing for sure, I totally understand that feeling)

7. Do something meaningful or enhance your skills. :)

8. Explore a new religion…but not like the “Steve Jobs way”, OK fine do it the Steve Jobs way.  ;) :D

9. Start a small business, yes you can do that, just keep it legal. ;)

10. Cut your hair. (That’s your choice man!)

11. Date someone you really like and would like to spend your life with.

12. Build something with your hands. (Yes, definitely try that)

13. Give time to your hobby, you know it has been neglected. Reading, photography or travelling whatever it is give some time to it.

14. Join a volunteering group.

15. Stop disappointing your parents.Period.

16. Watch social network and evaluate where you stand or watch MadMen and salute the man.

17.Eat all the stuffs you want to eat. No limits.

18. Make strangers feel comfortable while you are talking. :)

19. Spend the weekends as you wanted. Eat.Drink.Sleep. “Drink more”.

20. Run naked in the street (if you want) and don’t get caught :P. Watch HIMYM and take some inspiration. :)

21. Tell your feelings to someone. Maybe give a emotion hug to your friend.It will definitely strengthen your relation  :)

22. Be a little considerate. (for some friends and family atleast)

23. And please don’t come with me to any place. I’m totally cool, enjoy our life. Cheers. :)

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14 responses to “Epic 23 things debate : Which is the better life choice from a young man’s perspective

  1. I would like to say that I am 23 years old and I have nothing in my life figured out except for who I married :) And since he’s in the military he told me “I’ll take you with me to travel the world!” and he took me to Louisiana when I was hoping for Guam or Japan :(

    Great post :)

  2. 2, 12, 13 & 22 I have occasionally done. Been seriously thinking about 1, 9, 10. Maybe 19, lol. I guess I’m on the right track, eh? Good post by the way.

  3. Interesting post, very thought provoking… #4 did you really mean gift a pet? or perhaps you meant get a pet? I believe you shouldn’t give anyone a pet unless you are sure they want one. Since I’m 53 years old I’m not the target audience for these posts :) But in my long life I have done most of these things, including #3 ewwww! never again! never gonna do #20, the first part, don’t want to frighten the neighbors! I have seen every episode of HIMYM however. Have a great day!

  4. Bons Ventos.
    Estranhando esse tema. Li os outros links. Acho que é por que eu sempre tenho uma eterna crise existencial: Qual o sentido da vida: estudar,trabalhar,ter filhos e morrer?? pra mim , nunca teve muito sentido.
    Mas eu entendi que antes de se casar deve se amadurecer um pouco, não agir por impulso. Mas a gente nunca sabe. No momento que pensamos que encontramos o amor da nossa vida, não é o cerebro que nos comanda, é o nosso coração , e a gente, sofre e se desilude,e vive…
    E será que ao lado de quem a gente gosta, não dá pra fazer uma lista mais profunda e intensa ?

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