Twelve Awards

I think one should start their year in a positive note hence I’m starting it with mentioning the awards I got.I have been busy during the last week of the 2013  and couldn’t post about the awards I received. I received 12 awards during last few weeks (there are some more which I will post later) and I feel honored with their gesture.I still haven’t got enough time to figure out my nominations so will be posting them later on. This post is my thanks to all my blogger friends who have honored me with different awards, I also thank all my friends who keep me motivated with the wonderful comments and likes.

“I know that many bloggers like to keep their blogs free from any awards but I feel blogging is different from being a Web master (or web designer) because in blogging you are connected with community and individuals both and this blog awards celebrate this feeling of community and cohesiveness. It allows you to know more bloggers and connect with them. I think the main purpose behind blogging is sharing because if this is not the case then you can rather have a private journal or blog.”

Any award feels nice and it’s better when it comes from a fellow blogger.So, there are 12 awards in total as I have already mentioned (cool, isn’t it ?). I’m mentioning them below.

wordpress awards

1.WORDPRESS FAMILY AWARD – I thank for the wordpress family award.

2.Dragon’s loyalty award – I thank for the award.

3.Semper Fidelis Award – I thank for the award.

4.Dragon’s loyalty award – I thank for the award

5.Blog of the year award – I thank for the award.

6.The Versatile Blogger Award – I thank for the award.

7.  Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award – I thank for the award.

8.  The Liebster award - I thank for the award

9. Dragon’s loyalty award – I thank for the award.

10. Dragon’s loyalty award – I thank for the award.

11.The Versatile Blogger award – I thank for the award.

12. the Versatile Blogger award – I thank for the award.

I think year 2013 has been a good time for my blog as well as I crossed 12,000 views a few days ago. Thanks to all my friends for their constant appreciation.

I do get confused while nominating as many of my blogger friends  don’t accept awards and few have already got that award. So, if you want me to nominate you. Just write a comment below and don’t be shy ;), it would be a great honor for me to nominate you. (It’s totally fair as well because I already love your blog that is the reason I’m following you.) :)

Keep blogging and stay blessed. :)

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4 responses to “Twelve Awards

  1. This post is a great idea to thank everyone at once. I had to stop accepting awards because it requires a lot of time, but I’m always grateful to the people who nominated me – so I can only imagine how 12! Awards to accept might feel a little overwhelming. Good for you, and congratulations.

    • Yes, It definitely takes a lot of your time and becomes a problem when you are actually short of time. I thought I would wait for the awards to pour in then thank everyone as you rightly said it saves time and some effort as well. :) Thank you for your wishes :D

  2. The awards I got this year from yourself I felt very honoured as well so I know how you feel. Its so lovely when people take the time out to do such things ;)

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