Life must go on

I don’t think I have sorted out the things yet, I think it will take some more time but I have become more accustomed to having these problems now. What I have learned from the last year is that we should keep moving forward and I particularly should worry less.

As they say the show must go on, so I’m working on having less amount of “OFF” days. 2013 was a very satisfactory year for me. I completed almost all my lists and stayed put to my resolutions. I think health wise it wasn’t that great but I will definitely improve it this year. Though it’s not an excuse but I was having many things to do this year and the health got neglected. ;)

2013 was good year as far as my blogging goes, I met lots of new people and have found many great friends. I think their feedback have kept me sane this year and motivated me to do more work. Opinions on some issues which have troubled me long have helped me more stable and improve as a person.

I saw the world in new dimension this year, the year 2013 started with a little unpleasant mood as we suffered from some illness and some not so favorable results. As the year passed, there were good news pouring in from all quarters possible and that helped me gain momentum in my work. Though there hasn’t been any great performance but a string of good performances. I really wanted to be consistent with my performances and I think I achieved it this year.

I think I stayed level-headed and composed which helped me in doing my work properly, though I still think I haven’t used my full potential till now and would definitely like to work more this year.

I wish to stay happy, stay focus and stay consistent in my life this year. The stable and assertive approach has helped me and suited me as well. Stay blessed and keep blogging :D

safdurjung tomb front

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6 responses to “Life must go on

  1. Good luck getting things sorted out, I’m sure you’ll be just fine, you always are positive and supportive so you have that going for you. I like the picture, who is that handsome young man? Could it be you? The building is nice too ;) Take care Gaurab!


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