Being lost? or lost being?

So, what’s the concept behind being lost? Actually I never gave it a thought before this day. Is it a choice or circumstance or is it the truth? People hardly have any answers, many don’t even understand and hence are happy.

People who tend not to know they are lost are probably the once who are living, so who are we to tell them that they are lost when we can’t even justify the facts. Though I totally agree with the fact that the whole generation might have been lost but may be its the destiny.

Sometimes by losing your direction you tend to find yourself. It’s weird that it can be just an abstract thought as well as a physical quantity at the same time. You sometimes may not be able to understand it and you sometimes you can write a novel about it.

It’s just about finding the missing pieces but it isn’t a puzzle they say. Though I believe all things are connected. What I always believe is everything affects everything and every change impacts the whole universe. So, if the universe changes everyday and we are bringing the change so without us will the change won’t be there.

Maybe we are the truth and the world is a myth and hence we will define the world where ever we live or…….maybe we are writing the myth and the world is the truth and the world will stay as it is even though we live or not ;) :)

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17 responses to “Being lost? or lost being?

  1. if only
    we could see
    this world
    from 10 thousand meters up
    and glimpse the ant-like beings below
    amidst the earth’s abundant blessings,
    then perhaps recognize that we are at once
    lost and found :-)

  2. Very nicely described..
    Well i think sometimes its situations that makes us disappear or lost… when we don’t want to listen anyone.. we give time to ourselves and come up with solution if possible.. And for that we say “lose yourself to actually find yourself” :-)

  3. I don’t believe that anything is chance. We get lost because we are trying to find ourselves and sometimes, getting lost in the wilderness is part of that journey to finding inner peace.

    I love this post, by the way.

    • Yes, believing in chance is like believing in something abstract but we would have keep faith in something abstract like karma or destiny. Isn’t it?

      I totally agree that sometimes we do get lost to find our inner peace and sometimes to find our the right destination but going through that time in wilderness is tough, when you actually don’t know what will be the outcome.

      Thanks for the wonderful feedback. Sorry for the late reply as I wasn’t blogging for some days :)

    • I actually don’t know…it’s just that at times I’m completely lost and at other instances I feel the people around me hardly know what they are doing :) I feel their maybe a possibility that they may also be thinking the same thing about me ;) So, it’s overall a confused and complex state, isn’t it ?

  4. I love this post! It sums up my current mood. I was observing my family over the break and I came to the conclusion that they don’t understand, so they seem happy, and I am lost but I understand so am left feeling lost. Empty feeling. Will continue to watch your posts. :)

    • Thank you for the wonderful feedback :) Most of the time I don’t understand what I write, they are just abrupt :P So, if you follow my writings you are tend to get some weird stuffs ;) Stay blessed :)

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