Overcome fear and anxiety

I have been through some tough times in my life, these were the moments when I wasn’t able to visualize even the next day but great thing about life is it gives you the chance. If you are strong enough to withstand the storm then you will be blessed with the sunshine. I think everyone faces problems but not everyone is able to cope up with it, people tend to give up. They give up their aspirations, give up their dreams, just because they are faced with some problems. I think I’m fortunate and blessed to have the right people in my life who have guided and led me throughout my life.

Two most important things that helped me overcome my fear and anxiety has been, Hanuman Chalisa (a poem about how lord Hanuman realized his powers which was hidden within him and became the most powerful person) and a motivational book written by my principal. I’m a Hindu Brahmin and reading religious books were part of my growing up days. I don’t know when in those days I became attached to Hanuman Chalisa and started to keep it with me most of the times. I’ve memorized this long poem very early in my life and repeat these lines everyday till now.

I’ve done my schooling in a Catholic school. Our principal (won’t name him here) or popularly called Father (by his post) was a very humble and helpful person. He was always there to help his students. He has written a book which tells students how to concentrate and improve their performance.He has mentioned all the problems students face in so detailed that it’s easy to follow and the solution are really helpful. As I kept on reading it multiple times, after few months I felt like I almost know the book inside out and I always remember and follow those instruction till now.

I feel,understanding yourself and understanding the root cause of your feelings, problems and insecurities result in an improved understanding of your self and your life. One can give direction to himself and channelize his energy into right place.

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13 responses to “Overcome fear and anxiety

  1. “If you are strong enough to withstand the storm then you will be blessed with the sunshine.”

    Yes, most definitely.

    Interestingly, I was Catholic, and am now very much interested in a wider spiritual perspective. I’m glad I came across your blog because I like to expand my view, at least virtually. Looking forward to your posts and pictures.

    I wonder what the name of the book you read is. It sounds like good stuff.


    • Thank you for your wonderful feedback :) Yes, we should definitely expand our views, it gives us a clearer picture of things. I think we should intake the good from where ever it is coming from. I do read about different religions and try to take the good from each of them.

      The book I was referring was distributed in our schools and are not published (I suppose), it is a dedicated for students to inspire and motivate them.

      Wishing you a great year ahead. Stay blessed :)

  2. Hi ;0) Just wanted to check out your site and say THANK YOU for all of your support of my writing this year ;0) It means the world, and just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it. Wishing you a new year full of blessings and joy!!

    • I hope you find this link useful, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanuman_Chalisa , (though there are many sources available in different Indian languages). The book I was referring to was distributed in my school and is dedicated for the students to inspire and motivate them.

      I would definitely share some of the short stories from that book in the future. Thanks for the wonderful feedback. Wishing you a great year ahead :D

    • That’s a very nice question, I have been asked this question few times and I think someday I will be in the podium for answering this question as this is very relevant locally as well as globally.

      The answer is very simple the world is going towards globalization and different kinds of languages and cultures are getting inter-mixed and as a result though we are evolving as beings but some cultures are getting lost. As the history suggests the dominant culture or civilization over powers the other contemporary cultures. In India the impact is higher as there is a lot of diversity in terms of religion and castes are concerned. So, It becomes important to know about your routes and follow your culture.

      Though I have a liberal point of view and read and accept every aspect of our society but at the same time I want equal respect from other about my own beliefs and culture. I don’t consider myself any superior but as an equal and just request people to respect my beliefs as I respect theirs.

      Today it’s hard to be a brahmin as many of the people have born with parents having different cultures. I have been a vegetarian from my birth, I know my Gods, follow my religion. I celebrate my festivals. I propagate the good teachings and spread peace and love.

      PS – Replied late as I wasn’t blogging for few days :)

      • It’s great to know who you are, where are you from and what can you do.You are a personality with your world-view and it’s nice of you and for others.

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