How to make new year resolutions : 20 plans for the new year

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I just want to keep this post simple by letting you know the 20 plans what one should make and these are the plans which I generally make and tell all those people who look for my advice regarding this. I have divided these plans into 4 parts –

Best wishes from Processing the life

Best wishes from Processing the life


Health – I think all of know that health is of prime importance to us, if you didn’t then this is time in your life when you have been enlightened. If you are over-weight or unfit which pretty much all of us are these days because of the long hours we work and the fast foods we eat so, we have to give some attention to it.

I won’t tell you that your can reduce 10 kg in 10 weeks or something like that but just to put some attention to it so that you can stay fit and perform better and live better. You can make simple resolutions like the ones mentioned below to have a better health –

1. Take a walk after each of your meal. It helps in digestion and improve the digestive system. (DO NOT RUN)

2. Avoid any unwanted fats and chocolates.

3. Avoid too much fast food or too much food.

4. Eat healthy food or vegetables at-least during one meal everyday.

5. Give 15-30 minutes for exercise at-least 3-4 days a week.

These are minimum things and can be achieved without much effort so when you achieve them it will give you some confidence and you can increase your level of fitness accordingly. Like adding some more time for exercise or doing exercise everyday.


Personal/Psychological – I think we ignore our personal needs the most, we tend to forget that we need to make ourselves feel good just like the way we make others feel good.

1. Devote some time to listen to your favorite music or songs.

2. Give some time to express your feelings to the people you love.

3. Have some “ME” time and if possible write a diary or points about what you are feeling.

4. Devote some time to pursue your hobbies.

5. Travel to some place which makes you happy.


Social – In this cyber age we are always connected to the people through the electronic devices and social networks but our physical connect has decreased and our social life has just vanished. This adversely affects us though we sometimes tend to ignore it. So some plans that you can pursue –

1. Join any library or museum and visit the place once a week.

2. Meet with your friends as frequently as possible and keep the flame of friendship burning. We all need support system and friends are the best support system that you can have.

3. Keep in touch with your family. Even if they live far off try to visit them in every 3-4 months it keeps you rooted and attached to your family and society.

4. Be active in your neighborhood and offer help if needed.

5. Stay connected with your colleagues or batch mates with occasional parties and get together.


Professional/ work – We all tend to concentrate on this part of our life the most. If because it defines our success and life but actually it is always dependent upon the above three parts of our life. We can’t be happy if we are professionally successful and have bad social and personal life or have  a very poor health. So, we need a balance between everything. I have mentioned this last as we all naturally make plans for it. So, some plans that you can make –

1. learn a new skill set, yes you have to devote time to it, but it’s worth it as it would help you grow and move up the ladder, Skill set would depend upon which profession you are in if you are programmer then learn a new language, if you are a cook learn a new cuisine or if you are a manager join some workshops and conference to learn some better managerial methods. We have scope to improve.

2. Actualize – Understand where you stand and where do you want to go with your work

3. Risk factors – Calculate your risk factors, are you having a safe job ? if you continue will you be able to achieve your financial goals? Do you need to switch jobs? Will you get better offers? Is you job at risk? Do you have right savings?

4.Plan – plan the exact course of action, how much you need to save? how much time more you need to work here? and when do you need to switch or look for a better avenue?

5.Be a doer – Try to make  a To-do list or target list and try to achieve the set goals within the stipulated time. If you have set a savings or financial goal then give your best to achieve it or even better than your best if needed.  Do not shy away from making tough decisions and have confidence. Always plan in advance and keep yourself secure which means don’t leave your job until you get the better offer you are looking for.

I think this is all, hope you have a great year ahead. Do make as many plans as possible. It will be really great if you achieve it and if you don’t still you gave your best and you can always try again and renewed gusto and energy. 🙂


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