New Year Resolution 2014

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Every year we learn many things, commit many mistakes, enjoy a lot of moments and have some not so good experiences as well,sometimes tragic ones,but at the end of year, we again start planning for the new year. We are again filled with many questions. How we are going to celebrate the new year? and most importantly what will be our new year resolutions?

Best wishes from Processing the life

Best wishes from Processing the life

New year resolutions are as much part of our life as much as the new year celebrations are so don’t fool yourself by telling I don’t make resolutions because at the end we all do. Some of us prefer sharing our new year resolutions while some of us keep it secret. Some of us write it down and make some schedules while other prefer to keep it in their mind. All of us in some way of other do make these resolutions. The targets and achievements you have planned for next year are also a type so resolution but since you are not sure of achieving it you tend not to accept it and this in turn becaomes the only reason for your not achieving it.

The first question that comes to everyone’s mind when they hear new year resolution is that,

Why should we make new year resolutions?

The answer is new year resolution is nothing but a guide for you, it will show you direction, it will tell you are you in the right place, are you going towards the right direction and at what speed you should do you work? should you relax a little or you should pump up your speed. A little bit of guidance is always required and what better if its written by you for your own benefit.

I’m not a kid, why should I make the resolutions? What would I gain?

Yes, you are not kid and that becomes relevant because you keep on judging everything in life with gain and loss rather than doing it for the love of it, for the happiness that it could give you and the essence that it can spread in your life. Since you don’t do anything for your happiness and excitement you keep on having the monotonous life and then you will only be the one who will crib that, there is no happiness and excitement in your life. Yes, there isn’t because you haven’t allowed it to come to your life.

Secondly, do you remember how efficient you were in school, your completed your tasks, stay attentive in school hours, played with your friends, learned instruments or played new sports. Yes, you did all those things. Just because you had all the things planned and scheduled. Yes, your parents, teachers and coaches were there to help you but you just told me you are not a kid. So, you should be able to help yourself now. 😉

Now, that why and what is the gain are gone, people now ask a very important question,

What should be my new year resolution?

I think your new year resolutions are all your aspirations and wishes that you have for yourself. This is your letter to your future self and this is your projection for your next year(I think management & marketing graduate will understand it this way). So, make it as detailed and informed as possible.

It can contain anything from your weight loss plan (you may want to reduce 20 kgs this year ;)) to your achievement plan like I will get a better job this year. It may also contain some small and meaningful changes like I won’t waste time talking with specific set of individuals as they are depressing or negative or lead me to a wrong direction and if you are blogger or a writer you can have a resolution about how much time you would like to devote to your writing or even how much you want to write each day or each week. 🙂

What If I fail?What if I couldn’t complete my targets?

The thing is you won’t be prosecuted for it. It’s your own guidelines and you should be the one implementing it. If you think it has become really tough and you won;t be able to achieve it and accomplish the set goals then you can always rethink and rewrite your resolution which becomes may have more realistic goals or targets. 🙂

Most important thing is that you have to give yourself the chance and the opportunity. You can’t be pessimistic because of your earlier attempts.It’s going to be a new year and a new start and you have to fill it with all the enthusiasm and positive energy as you can.

Sunshine or God's blessing

Sunshine or God’s blessing

Here’s some divine blessing coming your way.Believe in yourself and just do it. 😀

(If you are looking for NEW YEAR RESOLUTION FOR BLOGGERS, then click here)

(If you are looking for what plans to make for the new year, then visit HOW TO MAKE NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS : 20 PLANS FOR THE NEW YEAR )

If you want to ask any questions or are looking for any help,feel free to post your comments. 😀


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  • You make some good points. I guess I’ll have to start thinking about my New Year’s resolutions.

  • This is a challenge my Mum sets every year. She doesn’t mind if it is only one thing or several. Previous family resolutions were:
    1. To start a sport as a family unit and we all took up Karate with my Dad together when I was 8 years old, we are all now 2nd Dan black belts.
    2. Stop watching too much Saturday tv and get involved in an activity. We enrolled in Stagecoach when I was 6, a musical theatre workshop which we all did for nine/ten years, making us all more confident, team workers who can sing, dance and act 😉
    3. Do something as a family involving Mum. We all took up Ballroom and Latin dancing when I was 11 and took all our medal tests and exams together.

    My Mum is very focused on us setting and achieving goals ;). She is the family motivator.

    • That’s really awesome 🙂 So much can be achieved by just a little bit of planning. Your Mum really did a fine work in motivating you guys. I think every family needs one person, who could push you to do more and achieve more. I just noticed one more thing that she not just made you do any work but something which will help you in your life and in your future(endeavors) as well. It’s like setting constructive goals.Respect. 🙂

      Mother’s have such huge contribution in one’s life that you can never measure it, slowly and steadily they shape up your whole personality 🙂

  • Hi Gaurab,
    Its really good to to make some New year resolution…
    We all have some dream that we want to accomplish, so this is a perfect time to guide our self to fulfill all the dreams we have, if not all at least some of them..
    Thank you for the blessings.. 🙂
    God Bless you!!

    • Yes, it is the best time of the year to make plans as psychologically we feel pumped up to do new things. We feel like its a new beginning hence we should definitely give this beginning a right direction 🙂

  • I’ve just spent the loveliest time browsing through your blog Gaurab. Your words and pictures have given me a wonderful insight into places that I have never visited but are so beautiful and interesting.
    I love your spirit and it really shows in this post. It’s important to have goals, dreams and desires. It doesn’t matter if we fail to achieve everything we set out to do, mistakes are part of learning. And it’s so much better than doing nothing. Passion and purpose are key to life.

    • Thanks for your wonderful feedback. You have summarized my blog really beautifully. 🙂 And yes, having a purpose is really important as it catapults you ahead in your life. 😀

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  • No resolutions for me… but, my motto for the year is… Have Fun, Do Better!! 😉

  • Good points Gaurab, I have to think about my resolutions…

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