New year goals for 2014

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Setting goals for the new year is as much part of your life as much are the new year celebrations. Whatever we do, we can’t stay away from it.

I’m among the people who write a lot of things and hence end up making many plans throughout the year. So, it doesn’t make sense that I will let go this golden opportunity.

I have many sets of goals for this year but what I would like to share with you guys are my blogging goals for the year 2014 –

  • I think blogging is some related to the feeling of community and sharing. Hence, this new year I will try to be more involved with the guest blogging aspect. So, If you want me to write a post for you or you are interested in writing a post for my blog then you feel free and contact me.
  • Secondly I would try to post some more of my travel memories and insights about my journeys. I think for the last few weeks I got busy in editing and improving the look of my blog. 🙂
  • I want to be quick in my responses, though it becomes difficult because of the difference in time zone in various parts of the world. Still I will try my level best.
  • I have got some comments that I should write more about the Indian culture and the about normal daily things. Point noted down.I would definitely try to post few posts regarding the cultural aspect.
  • Finally I would try to show more gratitude to all my fellow bloggers who have always shown love and support to my blog. Thank you and stay blessed. 🙂

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