Rashmi Rathi (with translation) : Best hindi poem

I’m posting here my lines from my favorite poem Rashmi Rathi by  Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. This is one of the most popular poems and I have recited it in many competitions.

Since I haven’t found any good translation of these lines. I have translated them myself. I prefer translating the lines according to meaning without maintaining the line barriers because if we maintain the line or rhyme then we can’t extract the right meaning.(These lines are conversation between lord krishna and one of my favorite characters from Mahabharata Karna)

“विक्रमी पुरुष लेकिन सिर पर,

चलता ना छत्र पुरखों का धर.

अपना बल-तेज जगाता है,

सम्मान जगत से पाता है.

सब देख उसे ललचाते हैं,

कर विविध यत्न अपनाते हैं

Strong, determined and confident man don’t need any heritage to boost upon.

He is complete/ fulfilled in himself and confident of his talents and because of his this attitude and nature he gets respect from the world.

Everyone in this world looks at him with pride and respect and try to emulate his habits in themselves.

“मैत्री की बड़ी सुखद छाया,

शीतल हो जाती है काया,

धिक्कार-योग्य होगा वह नर,

जो पाकर भी ऐसा तरुवर,

हो अलग खड़ा कटवाता है

खुद आप नहीं कट जाता है.

The poet here has compared friendship with a large tree. He says the shade of friendship is very beautiful and it gives peace to a person’s soul.

A person who doesn’t treasure such a gift (friendship) from god is worth nothing and one should have pity on such a person.

A true friend is someone he will even sacrifice his life but will not let his friendship or friend to be affected by any problem.


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