Remembering my Grandfather – Memories and thoughts

UP! up! my Friend, and quit your books; Or surely you’ll grow double: Up! up! my Friend, and clear your looks; Why all this toil and trouble?   I remember the day when my dad gave me a book written by my grandfather. I was young kid who hardly understood what was written in them. It was one of the

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Why the government of India should focus on Wind Energy

wind energy

India is developing rapidly and for that growth to sustain we need that all the sectors should grow at the same pace. One of most important thing that an emerging nation like us should work on is inclusive growth. Inclusive growth refers to the growth where people from all strata of the society are included. As I was going through

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Say yes to safe sexual life

safe sex

If we got to our history we find that we have been a country which has been the pioneers in giving education in every field. It is not just about Ayurveda or invention of zero but susrut sanhita, kamasutra and other scriptures have been present which tells us that we had the best knowledge in every possible field. In the

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WASH-Coca Cola’s CSR Initiative

Coca cola csr

India is a rapidly developing country. If the development is just in the form of monetary growth of few people then it is not an actual development of the country. It requires inclusive growth and hence to measure that we also have a tool called human development index or HDI. In a lay man’s language it can be said to

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Tweet for a 4G SIM: #GetAirtel4G

airtel 4G

Airtel launches 4G services and reaches another milestone in telecom sector. Airtel has always been the pioneer in providing best service quality in the telecom sector. There service is second to none. The quality of their network is unmatched hence people who need seamless coverage and require quality service always prefer Airtel. Airtel offers a unique 4G SIM delivery service,

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Sabudana Vada in Pune

sabudana vada cooking

Maharashtrian food is one of most unique and delicious cuisine one can have in India. Some very popular food from Maharashtra are Vada pau and Sev puri but there are lot more one can try when they visit Maharashtra. During last year I got an opportunity to visit the beautiful and picturesque city of Pune. I had already visited Mumbai

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